Welcome to HalfBubbles.

So, what is a HalfBubble, you ask? A HalfBubble is a bird that has been put through the assembly line that is the warped mind of one Mark Calcagni. In one side goes a perfectly normal bird, and out the other side comes a character changed via the tools of dad jokes, puns, and rampant anthropomorphism.  No longer completely on the level, the bird is now "a half bubble off plumb!"

Originally inspired by the Facebook page The Facebook Bird Misidentification Group where the only proper bird ID is an incorrect ID, and then taken to its inevitable, if slightly odd conclusion. HalfBubbles was created for the simple purpose of making people laugh, and if they learn to better appreciate our avian friends along the way, so much the better.

Changing your view of the world, one HalfBubble at a time.